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The first days and weeks of winter are a particularly dangerous time for many drivers in the province who have not yet returned to their driving habits under these conditions or who have forgotten certain sections of the Highway Traffic Act pertaining to this period. Here are some tips classified into two broad categories that you should keep in mind.

December 15 and Other Considerations

The obligation drive with winter tires from December 15 to March 15 is only indicative. This does not mean that you can choose to ignore it, but rather that you should not hesitate to put your winter tires earlier and keep them longer if weather conditions require it (as is the case this year). In addition to mandatory winter tires, other accessories are highly recommended for a safe winter on the road: you should never drive without a broom and snow scraper, windshield washer and a shovel safely stored in the trunk of your car, for example. In addition, limit or postpone your travels (when it's possible) if a storm is in full swing. Road conditions are sometimes so bad that there is nothing that a well-equipped vehicle and an excellent driver can do.

Don't Drive In an Igloo

Several good winter driving practices take place even before sitting behind the wheel. Indeed, many drivers in the province tend to quickly clear the center of their windshield, their side and rear windows as well as their mirrors before taking refuge in the preheated cabin of their car. These drivers may not have experienced this, but this type of behavior is punishable by a fine ranging from $ 100 to $ 200 under the Highway Safety Code. In addition, accumulations of snow or ice on the roof, the hood or the door of the trunk are also prohibited since they can come off at any moment of the vehicle running at full speed and endanger other motorists. Again, the driver at fault may be fined ($ 60 to $ 100).

Between the requirements of the Highway Safety Code and common sense, it is in your best interest to return to winter mode as soon as possible. It's about your safety and the one of drivers with whom you share the road.

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