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First of all, let's face it, your winter tires won't explode between June 21 and September 20 if you want to take advantage of the summer to wear them out. On the other hand, using them instead of summer tires or all-season tires during the warm season is not recommended. 

Style Auto in Laval, near Mascouche, Terrebonne, Boisbriand, Saint-Eustache and just minutes from Montreal, gives you its point of view about if it is economic winter tires in summer.


In addition to wearing out quickly, a winter tire used in June and July becomes less and less safe as the outside temperature rises. In fact, during the warm season, it loses all its properties, including road grip. It is important to know that the winter tire is made with a special rubber, which is softer and more flexible and provides better grip in cold weather. When the temperature rises, braking and handling problems can occur. Be aware that a winter tire used in summer can be dangerous for a motorist. And if it's already a problem at the beginning of summer, what about two months later, when the tires wear more quickly? The risk of punctures increases as does the risk of hydroplaning

What's more, driving with winter tires in the summer significantly increases the braking distance by at least 10% on dry pavement and 26% on wet pavement.

Source: Point S

 A CAA-Quebec study also indicates that driving with winter tires in the summer complicates avoidance maneuvers in emergency situations; consequently, it becomes less safe to drive with your winter tires in the summer.

Going a step further, we can see the consequences of driving with winter tires in the summer: a winter tire usually has wide grooves that are designed to grip the surface of the road. If the road surface is smooth, these grooves are more likely to be noisy, even more so if you're driving on the highway. Similarly, the ride will be harder, less smooth and less comfortable, so you will likely feel you are driving on the wrong tires for the summer.

What's more, by skipping a season, you thought you'd save money on tires? However, it can cost you more in gas. A winter tire offers greater resistance on the road, which increases fuel consumption. Think about it! In addition, your winter tires will wear out much more quickly on pavement that is not adapted to their initial characteristics. Finally, if winter tires necessarily make you spend more on gas, then you're contributing, unwillingly, to leaving a larger footprint on the environment. In short, driving with winter tires in the summer is not very ecological.

Finally, like an ill-equipped sportsman, a car set with the wrong tires for the season can cause its share of misfortune. Think about your safety, your passengers' safety and your comfort! It's better to equip your vehicle with summer tires in the summer season; this way, you'll avoid inconveniences and perhaps a steep bill.



In business for decades, Style Auto in Laval, near Saint-Eustache, Boisbriand, Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse and just minutes from Montreal, pays close attention to its customers and to the used-vehicle market; it follows market trends for you and doesn't hesitate to offer advice. Since it knows its business inside out, it is perfectly placed to advise you and help you make a judicious choice for your next pre-owned vehicle. Come and discover the full range of reliable used vehicles at Style Auto in Laval. You'll leave a winner on all fronts.

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