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With the purchase of a new car, one has peace of mind. It has no previous owner, and it can be customized according to the options available. Furthermore, if anything bad happens, the warranty is there to protect. Joy! And for the wallet? It may not be as exciting.

A much more affordable alternative exists, and it is a wiser choice. This alternative is called "used vehicles" or "second-hand vehicles." Buying a used vehicle is troublesome for many people since several aspects must be taken into account and evaluated as a whole: mileage, aesthetics, year of model, the driving behaviour of the previous owner, etc. We want to make the most of our money, but sadly, it's not always easy to foresee the resale value of a used car as each one is unique.

What do we do then? We turn to a trusted dealership, such as Style Auto in Laval, near Montreal and Saint-Jerome, which offers a complete purchasing service, an impressive choice of vehicles and a comprehensive car financing program. Despite the size of our used vehicles collection, each vehicle is carefully inspected and tested by on-site specialists. In addition, our prices are based on all aspects of the car (bodywork, model year, mileage, etc.) and those on the market, all of that to ensure the best value for our clients.

What's the point of knowing where second-hand quality vehicles are when we don't know if there is one that suits our needs? Rest assured! Style Auto in Laval, near Montreal and Saint-Jerome has a wide selection of cars of various models and brands.

Family car? We have it!

Sports car? We have it!

  • Luxury car? We have it!
  • Van? We have it!
  • Convertible? We have it!

What do not we have? Poor-quality cars!

It is always good to have a choice, but then again, one must know how to choose the vehicle that suits him the best. Our counsellors are all trained to guide you through your purchase. What you are looking for, these highly qualified professionals know how to get it better than anyone else! Cordial, responsive and honest, they were mandated to meet the needs of clients with a human approach. They know their priorities, and at the top of this list... there are you and your needs.

If financing for the purchase of your vehicle is a problem, we also provide you with in-house financing plans regardless of your situation. Even if all the banks in Quebec have turned down your application for auto financing, Style Auto used car dealer in Laval, near Montreal and Saint-Jerome will never give up on you. Our 2nd and 3rd chance to credit allows you to obtain financing at the lowest rate possible, and payment terms will be tailored to your ability to pay.

The mission of Style Auto is to offer you the best shopping experience, with everything rolling with ease. Visit us, take a look at our wide selection of quality used vehicles and talk to our specialists.

You will have a wonderful and memorable experience with us, guaranteed!

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