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The best way to understand your credit with the help of Style Auto in Laval near Montreal and Saint-Eustache

Everyone is well aware that it is highly recommended and useful to have a good credit history. This makes sense, but who actually knows the determinants of a good credit report and the most realistic ways to improve one?

Style Auto, a used car dealership in Laval specializing in home financing, tries to answer this question for you.

Credit Agencies

Who is responsible for creating and maintaining credit files? Personal information agencies (or credit bureaus) are the only institutions authorized to produce and maintain credit reports. The information collected for this purpose comes from a surprisingly large number of institutions.

If you believe that only late payments on your credit cards, credit lines or personal loans from your bank are taken into account, you are mistaken. Indeed, all institutions that offer some form of home financing (furniture and appliance stores, for example) or services that require a monthly payment (such as mobile or residential phones and Internet providers) have a say in the calculation of your credit rating, sometimes without your knowledge.

They can and will certainly provide information that will often be harmful to you (in the classic cases of payment delays or collection arrangements, to name a few) to credit bureau, mainly Equifax and TransUnion.

This is not to rub salt in the wound, as you could certainly not cover all your monthly payments in that case, but it is rather to make you realize the extent of the information taken into account in establishing your credit rating.

Your Solutions

While most institutions that provide financing or payment facilities are able to access your credit report, they may also request additional checks before selling you or giving you access to a product or service.

It is therefore very easy to find yourself at a dead end and to believe that all the institutions and establishments are conspiring against you. The slippery slope that led you to this situation then turns into a vicious circle.

Even if your financial situation improves, almost no one wants to lend you money because of your credit history, unless, as in the case of Style Auto de Laval, they are willing to give you the opportunity to restore your credit. If you are in such a situation right now and you have never heard of second and third chances at credit, you should start thinking very seriously about this option.

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Home Financing: A Realistic Solution for Your Vehicle Purchase

The car is probably at the top of the list of goods and services that are rarely paid for upfront but are also nearly indispensable. If the banks turn their backs on you, you should know that you can do business directly with a dealership that offers car financing services, such as Style Auto. This used car dealership on the North Shore of Montreal has home financing specialists at its disposal.

You may not know how beneficial breaking out of this vicious circle could be for your credit report. The flexibility of these institutions and their ability to handle the most difficult cases (including bankruptcies, lack of income and people with no credit history) by offering second and third chances is your best opportunity to demonstrate your ability to repay an institution authorized to transmit information to credit bureaux on a long-term basis

Repaying your car loan is a first step that could lead to an improvement in your credit rating, and then to your approval by an increasing number product and service providers.

Style Auto not only has a large inventory of used vehicles. It is also one of the best dealerships in terms of in-house financing. At Style Auto de Laval, located near St-Jérôme and just a few minutes from Montreal, our advisors know their business and are able to offer you advantageous rates to get you off to a good start. Home financing is our specialty at Style Auto de Laval. Come and purchase your next used vehicle - you will be 100% approved.


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