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If you don't have a lot of experience (or not at all) in buying second hand vehicles, being in this situation can become a hassle, but there is no need to be some sort of car expert to protect yourself from the majority of traps and pitfalls that can occur during this type of transactions. Read carefully what follows before paying a visit to your chosen car dealer, and you'll be the winner of this adventure!

The Basics

The car's mileage is one of the first things you should ask about. While it's true that the ratio of said mileage driven on the highway versus in the city can make all the difference, generally speaking, a higher mileage means a greater wear of the mechanical components and some repairs to come in the (near) future. Speaking of repairs, a car dealer is supposed to be able to provide you with a detailed list of the work that was done on a vehicle since he acquired it. For the rest, don't get too excited at the idea of buying a new car and pay attention to all details: tire wear, body and undercarriage condition, floor's level of cleanliness (a dirty floor can mask a hole), indicators and commands behavior, etc. When it comes to cars, small things can cost you hundreds of dollars to fix or ruin your driving experience for years.

Inspection and Drive Test

All vehicles sold by a car dealer have been inspected at some point, but you can always ask for a second opinion. This step could not be recommended enough if you choose to buy from another consumer! Finally, it goes without saying that you should never buy a car without doing a 20 minutes test drive first, at least. Pay attention to little noises, to the steering, the stability on the road, the visibility, the fluidity of the transmission, the sitting comfort, etc.

For most people, a car is the second biggest investment right after buying a house. With that in mind, you want to do business with professionals of the caliber of those you'll meet at Style Auto pre-owned car dealership in Laval, near Montreal and its North shore Learn more about our in-house financing.

Posted in on Mar 09, 2019

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