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Many people praise the merits of home financing for the purchase of their next vehicle and they are smart to take advantage of the 1 2 3 chance opportunity for car credit. Style Auto's financing option in Laval, near the North Shore and just a few minutes from Montreal, is simple, flexible and can be obtained in a few minutes.


What is 1 2 3 Credit Acceptance?


For many years, Style Auto, a used car dealership in Laval, near Montreal, has specialized in car financing and offers financial advice on car credit for its thousands of customers.


The 1 2 3 chance for credit is an in-house financing option that allows you to obtain a car loan just like with conventional financing from your financial institution. At Style Auto, we work for the customer. Our experts in 1st, 2nd and 3rd chance credit financing evaluate your needs and offer you many advantageous options, regardless of your financial situation. Since we know a lot about car credit, we will share with you our best prices and financial advice for the purchase of your next used vehicle.


1 2 3 chance financing is available to everyone and is a real lever for the consumer. It is often thought that this type of financing brings with it a high interest rate and significant monthly payments. Think again - not at Style Auto! Since we work with approximately ten financial institutions, we make sure that you win big and the credit chances are available to you.


Have you experienced financial difficulties in the past? Has your credit score been abused due to special circumstances? Have you experienced a darker period in your life and still have bad credit in your account? Style Auto is there for you. The car financing we offer allows you to rebuild your credit rating, obtain a clearly advantageous interest rate and, above all, leave with the used vehicle you are looking for.


Our financing specialists want to make your life easier. A credit opportunity is possible with financing from Style Auto.


Two people shaking hands following credit approval at Style auto financing specialist in Laval


Style Auto - Straight-forward People that Help You!


We have been in business for so many years and our role is not only to show you our vast inventory of used vehicles, but to identify your needs.


We take the time to review your needs and your financial situation. Each individual is unique and deserves to have a car for his or her many travelling needs. We guarantee that our discussions and your request for financing will remain confidential.


Today, there are many dealerships that specialize in car financing. Yet few of them take the time to interact with clients, identify their needs, present them with advantageous options and do business with a significant number of financial institutions.


As we have a great credibility to maintain, at Style Auto, we simply do more to offer the best to our customers.


We have a very simple formula: we treat you as we would like to be treated in these circumstances. Together with our customers, we are looking for a win-win solution. This is what solidifies Style Auto de Laval’s reputation as a dealer that prioritizes its customers.


Now that funding is no longer an obstacle, you don't have to wait any longer! Call one of our specialists to discover our vast inventory of used vehicles, in addition to new vehicles that have just arrived at Style Auto de Laval near the North Shore and Montreal. Remember that with Style Auto, 100% of car loan applications are approved for 100% of our highly satisfied customers.

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