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Picking a car is no easy feat and unfortunately, it's too easy to think that it's possible to follow your heart and that everything will work out from there, but the reality is a bit more complicated. That's why Style Auto, located at Laval, near Montreal and Saint-Jerome, wants to give you a hand.

Trust Reliable Sources

You can surely start by asking your friends and relatives about their own cars, but you should also turn to more professional and reliable sources like CAA Quebec, Le Guide de l'Auto, the Canadian Black Book, etc. Le Guide de l'Auto has been THE reference for years, and it would make an excellent starting point. You can compare similar models based on accurate and relevant criteria and make your own informed opinion on vehicles that appeal to you.

Know your priorities

Now that you have a general idea in mind, it's time to think about deeper questions. Have you already made your budget? And if it's the case, did you include insurance costs? Tire prices? Repairs? These elements vary a lot from one car to another, so you should weigh them very carefully. Also, do you want a silent car? Or do you need a 4 X 4 regardless of the noise it makes? Family van or sport sedan? When it comes to comfort, what are your priorities? And don't forget to think about the resale value (let's just say that a neon-green car wouldn't be the smartest choice, unless you intend to drive it until the very end).

On this matter, the Canadian Black Book could be a great tool. It will allow you to calculate the current value of your vehicle, but also to estimate its depreciation, which is certainly handy.

When you buy a new car, you have to think long term. That's why Style Auto, located at Laval, near Montreal and Saint-Jerome, offers only the best certified second hand vehicles! When you'll be ready to buy a new car, pay us a visit for our in-house financing and let us guide you: it's our specialty.

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