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Home Financing Program

2nd and 3rd chance to credit with Maison Auto Style financing in Laval, near Montreal.


What is Home Financing?


Do you have trouble getting a car loan? Do banks and financial institutions refuse to lend you money because of bad credit? Perhaps, you never had the opportunity to make you a good credit.

With a home financing rate of only 14.9% interest, we are THE CHOICE for the acquisition of a car in the Greater Montreal area.




Style Auto's home financing program helps overcome these obstacles. If you are not quite sure what is In home financing, you are in the right place to get clear answers on what we offer with our personalized home financing programs. We are putting you back on the right track with the rental or purchase of one of our used cars, trucks or SUVs. Our sales team is committed to making your car a reality!


Style Auto pre-owned car dealership in Laval is one of the few dealers to do real home car financing at a reasonable interest rate. We eliminate dependence on the financial sector to provide funds to our customers for the purchase of a high quality used vehicle.

How can we do it? Our friendly and experienced sales team reviews your income to meet your specific loan needs. Approval normally takes no more than 20 minutes.

By doing business with us, bad credit, bankruptcy or consumer proposals are no longer barriers. We can even fund you if you are self-employed, on employment insurance, on disability or on social assistance. Co-signers are also accepted.

Style Auto does not depend on external financial sources. We guarantee you a fast and efficient service!

We are also one of the few car dealers to work directly with Equifax. We send them your payment history this way they will be able to adjust your credit score.

Our sales team is available to answer all your questions about our Home Financing options like 2nd and 3rd chance. Do not hesitate to contact us!

get approved with home financing at Style Auto with 2nd and 3rd chance credit options. Get your dream car

For an ultra-fast service, you can also apply for auto credit by phone at 1-844-541-9931.
To learn more about car financing and credit reporting, visit!

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