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Spring is the perfect season for opening windows, letting fresh air in and doing the great clean-up. The same goes for your vehicle, which has been through the harsh winter weather and needs to be ventilated as well. The spring of 2020 in Quebec, Canada and the rest of the world was particularly rock and roll with COVID-19 and all the related precautions for all of us. Now more than ever, we must follow the proper instructions, wash our hands, keep a two-metre distance, minimize our travel and learn to live with this pandemic.

Our vehicle also needs to be cleaned and disinfected during this period, and several tips are in order to avoid even more unfortunate situations with the risk of contaminating the people around.

Among the measures to be taken, Style Auto in Laval, near Saint-Eustache, Boisbriand, Sainte-Thérèse, Terrebonne and just a few minutes from Montreal, reminds us of a few tips to help us get around safely.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Has Never Been So Easy!

First and foremost, keeping the interior of your car free of harmful viruses and other undesirable elements is actually quite simple if you follow the few guidelines we provide for you. Since we're so disciplined, it's important to keep our vehicle clean and disinfected. We recommend a number of simple actions that will save you a lot of trouble!

First, there is the good old soap. Soap and water interact chemically with the surface of the virus in a way that degrade it very quickly and basically destroy the virus. So it would be a good way to disinfect the cabin of your vehicle and make sure you get all the surfaces done.

In addition, soap is a key ingredient that is easy to obtain--traditional liquid hand or dish soap, for example. The trick is to avoid cleaners labelled as detergent-free.

If you're used to an environment where the use of hand sanitizers is encouraged, it may seem counterintuitive, but while alcohol-based products can do a great job of eliminating microbial threats, they're not really of much use for car interiors.

On the other hand, if you're already a fan of car cleaning products, you're most probably on the right track. The disinfectant wipe, for example, contains a mild detergent. For those with leather interiors, makeup remover wipes are an excellent solution too. Skin care products usually contain moisturizers, which are good for organic trim materials.

Alcohol-based cleaners and detergents can dry out organic materials. Therefore, they are not recommended for disinfecting your vehicle, and you will not gain in safety with such products. In other words, if they leave your hands dry after use, they are likely to sap the natural oils in your car's leather interior as well. If you don't have access to detergent-based cleaners that contain moisturizers, or if you plan to use an alcohol-based cleaner, you can mitigate the drying effects with leather conditioners. These will replenish the oils that your cleaning process has exhausted.

Also, leather conditioners usually contain surfactants, which are the chemicals that help cleaners do what they do. They reduce the surface tension of water, helping it penetrate where it wouldn't otherwise.

All in all, these days, cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle requires mild cleaning products, especially for surfaces that need to be disinfected, such as the doors, steering wheel, dashboard, storage spaces, shift lever, seats, car windows, etc. Use a recommended product, such as car disinfectant wipes, mild non-abrasive disinfectants, or even dish soap. These preventive measures will keep germs away from you and help keep you safe.

Style Auto Takes Care of You!

With the exceptional circumstances we're going through, Style Auto, in business for decades, knows exactly what's right for you, and assures you that these few tips will guide you in your travels. Don't skimp on your own safety and take a few moments to clean your car and make your vehicle free of viruses and dirt

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