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After having made your first steps (or kilometers on the road) in a sedan, you're now thinking about buying a SUV? Your family got a new member, or maybe you just need more room on the go because your lifestyle has changed, but you don't know where to start? Don't panic. If you're not an expert, find one and do business with it: Style Auto, located at Laval, near Montreal and its north shore, offers a wide selection of used SUV at a very competitive price point. Plus, its services comprises a range of financing options for every situation (second and third chance car loans). It's the place to go to find the used SUV that will fit with you.

Why and how does one choose a SUV?

Whether it's the additional space, the higher, more comfortable sitting position, the towing power or the possibility to transport up to 7 passengers for the biggest models out there, there are many solid arguments in favor of SUVs. What are the factors you must consider? First of all, the size of the car. Spoiler alert: it will help determine the number of passengers you can bring with you but also the towing capacity, more often than not. Next, the engine. Compact SUVs typically sport a 4-cylinder, while the bigger models come with V6 or V8 engines (that suck more fuel, obviously…). Finally, the price, which will be influenced by the two factors mentioned above but also by the brand of the car. However, you should go to Style Auto with an open mind. It's entirely possible to find some pretty good deals on prestigious brands such as BMWAudi or Mercedes.

Affordable luxury

Have you dreamed of driving a Mercedes for years before convincing yourself that you couldn't afford it? At Style Auto, you'll find some C or M-class Mercedes-Benz, BMW X3 and Audi A4 at the same price or even cheaper that the new Civic! Consider also the financing options, such as the 2nd and 3rd chance credit, available at Style Auto and your dream could become a reality sooner than you expect!

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