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Used SUV Blog Post

A Used SUV? See What We Have for You!
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What reliable used car to buy? SUVs are very popular right now, as they offer a great value between power, cargo space and towing capacity.From their history to some specifics to the typical SUV customer, Style Auto tells you everything you need to know about them.A Brief History of the SUVThe first SUV, an acronym for Sport Utility Vehicle, was created in 1984. It met a demand from motorists looking...

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Style Auto, pre-owned in Laval

STYLE AUTO - PRE-OWNED VEHICLES IN LAVALIf you are considering buying a used vehicle in Laval near Montreal for commuting road-tripping or even acting as a taxi driver for your children, Style Auto has the vehicle for you!At Style Auto in Laval, near the North Shore and just a few minutes from Montreal, a team of real automotive experts will assist you throughout the entire...

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3rd chance financing

3RD CHANCE FINANCINGThird Chance Financing: Forgiving Auto Financing!We often hear about second chance financing, but know that third chance funding is, in fact, a real jewel. Third-chance financing, also sometimes called in-house financing, is a self-financing vehicle offered by the dealer at interest rates greatly comparable to second chance financing. It is a means of financing for buyers, regardless...

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Understanding and dealing with credit

UNDERSTANDING AND DEALING WITH CREDITI know, you and your neighbor know, everybody knows that it's highly recommended to maintain a good credit report. It goes without saying, but what proportion of "everybody" actually knows the determinants of a good credit report and the most realistic way to improve it? "Not the majority" would be an answer close to the truth. Let's change that.Credit...

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Style Auto has car financing for you!

STYLE AUTO HAS CAR FINANCING FOR YOU!Many people praise the merits of home financing for the purchase of their next vehicle and they are smart to take advantage of the 1 2 3 chance opportunity for car credit. Style Auto's financing option in Laval, near the North Shore and just a few minutes from Montreal, is simple, flexible and can be obtained in a few minutes.What is 1 2 3 Credit...

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Cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle

CLEANING AND DISINFECTING YOUR VEHICLESpring is the perfect season for opening windows, letting fresh air in and doing the great clean-up. The same goes for your vehicle, which has been through the harsh winter weather and needs to be ventilated as well. The spring of 2020 in Quebec, Canada and the rest of the world was particularly rock and roll with COVID-19 and all the related precautions...

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Getting a car loan without a job
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GETTING A CAR LOAN WITHOUT A JOBUpdate: May 30, 2022Losing a job is rarely good news in itself: after this news can follow periods of uncertainty and stress that can be long. It's even more difficult if you need to get a car loan.Getting a loan is difficult, but not impossible thanks to specialized car dealerships that offer you the lowest possible rates, customized solutions and a wide selection of...

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Financing solutions adapted for you!

FINANCING SOLUTIONS ADAPTED FOR YOU!To buy a new car or a reliable used car of good quality that has been in good condition for many years, you often have to pay top dollar. This is what financing is for; it is designed to buy a car in months or even years. However, it may turn out to be more complicated than expected.Let's face it, lots of dealerships dangle suitable financing options, but many...

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Stylish cars are at Style Auto

STYLISH CARS ARE AT STYLE AUTO!In addition to reliability, power or safety, the first thing that catches your eye is a car's appearance. Style Auto, as its name suggests, is the ideal dealership to get a stylish used car: you're sure to find the most economical sport utility vehicle or the sedan you've been looking for!Style Auto, your used car dealership in Laval near Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse,...

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How to improve your credit score

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCOREArticles talking about the best way to improve your credit score are many, but their writers miss the mark, sometimes, by not considering the fact that the people they're targeting need realistic recommendations they can apply to their difficult circumstances! Here are a few practical advices that you can start using today.The debt ratioYou know that you have...

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Style Auto - Maintenance and bodywork

STYLE AUTO ALSO OFFERS MAINTENANCE AND BODYWORK SERVICES!With winter just around the corner, it pays to be prepared, and more importantly, to have your car ready for the road! While some maintenance work can be carried out on your car yourself, it's best to leave it to the professionals who are well trained to do the job properly. When it comes to both maintenance and bodywork, the experts...

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