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The Good Information at the Right Time   We often hear that buying a car represents the second most important purchase one could make (after buying a home), and even if it’s not always true with second-hand vehicles, even good deals cost a few thousand dollars. Among the many things you should pay attention to before going forward with this transaction, the car history is probably the...

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An All-Wheel Drive Vehicle for Quebec Winters Purchasing an all-wheel drive vehicle can be an obstacle for certain buyers, especially because of the higher cost that would not seem justified for some of us. As this is often available as an option, it is then easy to let yourself be tempted by the classical version without an all-wheel drive system. However, all-wheel drive has numerous benefits...

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The Top 10 SUVs Sold in Canada   Everyone has dreamed at least once to buy a rugged vehicle that is durable and fun to drive. To start the New Year on the right foot, your Style Auto dealership, located in Laval near Montreal, strongly recommends buying a sport utility vehicle (also known as “SUV”). However, with the ever-growing offer of this type of vehicle, it is no easy task...

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Is your car ready for winter?     Winter is coming faster and all Quebec’s drivers know what it means: snowy roads, harsh driving conditions and painful months for your car. Are you and your car ready for the winter? Getting prepared is not only switching for your winter tires. Let’s review a few simple elements that could ease your winter’s driving experience...

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      Many people dream of having a lot of money (or at least that it stops being an issue) to finally be able to buy this car or that one. There is one fundamental problem with this reasoning, though: your dream car doesn’t have to be so expensive. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that buying an expensive car worthy of its price tag is actually less smart than to go for...

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  After having made your first steps (or kilometers on the road) in a sedan, you’re now thinking about buying a SUV? Your family got a new member, or maybe you just need more room on the go because your lifestyle has changed, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t panic. If you’re not an expert, find one and do business with it: Style Auto, located at Laval, near Montreal...

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The best ranked european vehicles   European cars enjoyed glory days before the rise in popularity of Japanese cars, particularly appreciated for their more affordable prices. Nonetheless, the higher price of European cars can be justified with the ingenuity of European manufacturers in terms of design and ergonomics. European cars' engines are smaller than their American counterparts....

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Where to find second-hand quality vehicles?   With the purchase of a new car, one has peace of mind. It has no previous owner, and it can be customized according to the options available. Furthermore, if anything bad happens, the warranty is there to protect. Joy! And for the wallet? It may not be as exciting.   A much more affordable alternative exists, and it is a wiser choice....

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  5 GOOD REASONS TO BUY A USED VEHICLE   Does “saving money” is a matter to you ? Unless you have lost your mind, no reader would say the opposite, but if that reason is still not convincing enough for you, read on to find out what is.   Depreciation of the Financial Value of Your Car   The value of new cars generally decreases by 20% after the first use. In other...

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Buying a used Mercedes at Style Auto   The Mercedes we buy are always impeccable and thoroughly inspected. Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of luxury cars well-known and highly respected in the automotive world. MERCEDES has always been associated with a certain lifestyle and social status. It is a brand apart and very expensive when purchased new, so if you have the desire to get one,...

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