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Services and Parts: All Under the Same Roof!
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You've experienced a minor accident? Your car needs to be pampered? Whatever you need, your local Laval used car dealership offers a full range of services.Let us tell you more about the many ways that we can help, whether it's for mechanical maintenance, the bodywork, ordering parts or even tires!A Reactive and Proactive TeamRegular maintenance of one's car isn't an option: it's essential for the...

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Luxury vehicles within that you can afford!

LUXURY VEHICLES WITHIN THAT YOU CAN AFFORD!We often think that luxury vehicles are not made for us because we simply can't afford them. Get that out of your mind. Style Auto in Laval, your luxury vehicles' dealership, gives you the opportunity to leave with the vehicle of your choice.How to make your Dreams come true?2nd and 3rd chance's in-house financing is a very interesting...

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Hybride and Electric Cars : Pick the one right for you

HYBRID AND ELECTRIC CARS: PICK THE ONE RIGHT FOR YOUIn recent years, hybrid cars have become increasingly popular, especially plug-in hybrid vehicles' models. They embrace current environmental trends and are consistent with the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG). They consist of a marriage between a gasoline engine and an electric motor. They are more and more efficient and...

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The resources available to help you make your choice!

RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO HELP YOU MAKE YOUR CHOICE!Picking a car is no easy feat and unfortunately, it's too easy to think that it's possible to follow your heart and that everything will work out from there, but the reality is a bit more complicated. That's why Style Auto, located at Laval, near Montreal and Saint-Jerome, wants to give you a hand.Trust Reliable SourcesYou can surely start...

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Are you ready for winter?

IS YOUR CAR READY FOR WINTER?Winter is coming faster and all Quebec's drivers know what it means: snowy roads, harsh driving conditions and painful months for your car. Are you and your car ready for the winter? Getting prepared is not only switching for your winter tires. Let's review a few simple elements that could ease your winter's driving experience if they are well planned.The...

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The importance of winter tires

THE IMPORTANCE OF WINTER TIRESLike all drivers in the province, you know that you'll need to put winter tires on your car by December 15th at the latest. It goes without saying that you will do so because it's the law, but if it weren't mandatory, would you put winter tires on your car anyways or would you just ride year-round with 4 seasons tires? Read on to understand...

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The benefits of a pre-owned Kia

THE BENEFITS OF A PRE-OWNED KIAThe Korean manufacturer Kia has made its mark in the automotive industry through tenacity and perseverance since 1944. Kia Canada was founded in 1999 and has experienced impressive growth, including recent record-breaking years with over 70,000 vehicles sold annually through numerous retailers nationwide.In Quebec, Style Auto in Laval, near Blainville,...

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The 5 most reliable pre-owned suvs
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THE 5 MOST RELIABLE PRE-OWNED SUVSUpdate: May 30, 2022The world of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) is becoming increasingly competitive when it comes to choosing among the most reliable vehicles in this category. Yet a close look at the pre-owned vehicle market tells us that some SUVs score higher than others and are extremely reliable and durable.Here are the top 5 most reliable SUVs based on research...

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Style Auto, pre-owned in Laval

STYLE AUTO - PRE-OWNED VEHICLES IN LAVALIf you are considering buying a used vehicle in Laval near Montreal for commuting road-tripping or even acting as a taxi driver for your children, Style Auto has the vehicle for you!At Style Auto in Laval, near the North Shore and just a few minutes from Montreal, a team of real automotive experts will assist you throughout the entire...

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Which financing program to choose?

WHICH FINANCING PROGRAM TO CHOOSE? STYLE AUTO ANSWERS THE QUESTIONThe purchase of a vehicle is a significant life expense for a consumer. Whether this vehicle is new or used, it is important to evaluate the financing methods available to us when the time comes. At Style Auto, your used car dealer of Laval understands that buying a vehicle can be a significant financial burden on a family. Our experts...

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Auto loans and bankruptcy: A combination that works!

AUTO LOAN AND BANKRUPTCY: A COMBINATION THAT WORKS!First of all, we can think that car loan and bankruptcy don't rhyme. Let us make you the following little demonstration and bring you in another direction. Style Auto, the specialist in used cars and car loans in Laval, near the North Shore and only a few minutes away from Montreal, knows the subject very well.Car Loan and Bankruptcy,...

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The Car Loan to Newcomers

You arrived in Canada recently. You have been provided with your social insurance number and you're finally ready to benefit from the advantages of living in your new country. As a newcomer, you do not possess a credit history and you want to buy a new car.Style Auto in Laval, near the North Shore and only a few minutes away from Montreal, possesses all the financial tools...

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Pre-owned Hyundai, a great deal at Style Auto

PRE-OWNED HYUNDAI, A GREAT DEAL AT STYLE AUTOMore and more automobile vehicles circulate on the roads of Quebec and Canada and, in the spring of 2019, 5.5 million Quebecers were in possession of a driver's license, and each Quebecer of legal driving age possessed on average 1.06 vehicle. Over the last 10 years, the number of vehicles in circulation has risen by nearly 17%.Starting with this...

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Credit report and car financing: Things to know

CREDIT REPORT AND CAR FINANCING: THINGS TO KNOWYou often hear about credit reports, Equifax reports, credit ratings, or credit bureaus, to name just a few concepts that scare us just by mentioning them. In fact, they can be pejorative in the eyes of many, but they will also become tools that you can use to obtain financing for your next vehicle.At Style Auto in Laval near Blainville,...

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How to shop for a used car?

HOW TO SHOP FOR A USED CAR?SHOPPING FOR A USED CARBuying a used vehicle is often a good deal if you shop in the right place, ask the right questions and get the right answers. More and more, motor vehicles are reliable and durable. They can easily offer you great opportunities to take you far for a long time to come.Style Auto in Laval, near Terrebonne, Saint-Eustache,...

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Choose your vehicle at Style Auto

CHOOSE YOUR USED VEHICLE AT STYLE AUTOAcquiring a used car is one of the best choices you can make for your budget. In fact, in 2020, cars on the road are more durable than ever, regardless of the manufacturer. Buying a car that has been driven before is therefore a sensible choice, as long as you choose a car in good condition. To do so, who better than a dealer who specializes in selling...

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Financing solutions adapted for you!

FINANCING SOLUTIONS ADAPTED FOR YOU!To buy a new car or a reliable used car of good quality that has been in good condition for many years, you often have to pay top dollar. This is what financing is for; it is designed to buy a car in months or even years. However, it may turn out to be more complicated than expected.Let's face it, lots of dealerships dangle suitable financing options, but many...

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Stylish cars are at Style Auto

STYLISH CARS ARE AT STYLE AUTO!In addition to reliability, power or safety, the first thing that catches your eye is a car's appearance. Style Auto, as its name suggests, is the ideal dealership to get a stylish used car: you're sure to find the most economical sport utility vehicle or the sedan you've been looking for!Style Auto, your used car dealership in Laval near Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse,...

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A like-new inventory for a fraction of the price!

A LIKE-NEW USED VEHICLE INVENTORY AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE!When shopping for a used car, you want to get the best deal possible, especially in terms of value for the money. To find a reliable used car, you either have to be patient or buy from a reputable dealership like Style Auto. Take advantage of great prices on like-new cars, which are ready to be driven for many years...

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Style Auto - At your service for 30 years

STYLE AUTO AT YOUR SERVICE FOR 30 YEARS NOW! 2022 is a very special year for Style Auto, which is already celebrating 30 years in the industry. At your service since 1992, our dedicated professionals have made our used car dealership a true leader in its field. Celebrate with us the beginning of a new decade by learning more about our services, from the sale of cars to the after-sales...

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