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style auto pret auto nouveaux arrivants en
  You arrived in Canada recently. You have been provided with your social insurance number and you’re finally ready to benefit from the advantages of living in your new country. As a newcomer, you do not possess a credit history and you want to buy a new car.    Style Auto in Laval, near the North Shore and only a few minutes away from Montreal, possesses all the financial...

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style auto faillite en
      First of all, we can think that car loan and bankruptcy don’t rhyme. Let us make you the following little demonstration and bring you in another direction. Style Auto, the specialist in used cars and car loans in Laval, near the North Shore and only a few minutes away from Montreal, knows the subject very well.   Car Loan and Bankruptcy, the Combination You Need!   As...

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style auto 1 2 3 chance en
  Many people praise the merits of home financing for the purchase of their next vehicle and they are smart to take advantage of the 1 2 3 chance opportunity for car credit. Style Auto's financing option in Laval, near the North Shore and just a few minutes from Montreal, is simple, flexible and can be obtained in a few minutes.   What is 1 2 3 Credit Acceptance?   For many...

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style auto blogue programme financement en
The purchase of a vehicle is a significant life expense for a consumer. Whether this vehicle is new or used, it is important to evaluate the financing methods available to us when the time comes. At Style Auto, your used car dealer of Laval understands that buying a vehicle can be a significant financial burden on a family. Our experts know all the financial products that are available on the market...

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style auto blogue programa financiamiento 1  1  1
¡Le garantizamos un servicio rápido y eficiente! ¿Usted tiene problemas para obtener un préstamo? ¿Los bancos y las instituciones financieras se niegan a prestarle dinero porque no tiene un buen historial crediticio o nunca tuvo la oportunidad de hacer uno Bueno? Nuestro programa de financiamiento ofrece una tasa de solo 14.9% de interés, Nosotros somos LA...

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style auto blogue financement troisieme chance en 1  1  1  1
Third Chance Financing: Forgiving Auto Financing! We often hear about second chance financing, but know that third chance funding is, in fact, a real jewel. Third-chance financing, also sometimes called in-house financing, is a self-financing vehicle offered by the dealer at interest rates greatly comparable to second chance financing. It is a means of financing for buyers, regardless of their...

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style auto blogue financement maison en 1  1  1  1  1
Home Financing Program     What is Home Financing?   Do you have trouble getting a car loan? Do banks and financial institutions refuse to lend you money because of bad credit? Perhaps, you never had the opportunity to make you a good credit. With a home financing rate of only 14.9% interest, we are THE CHOICE for the acquisition of a car in the Greater Montreal area.   BE...

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