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How well do you know the Volkswagen brand?

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE VOLKSWAGEN BRAND?Most of us are familiar with the most prominent car brands since our childhood, which doesn't mean we know their stories and their secrets half as well as we think we do. Style Auto pre-owned car dealership in Laval, your car dealer from Laval, near Montreal and Saint-Jerome, wants to let you know about some secrets of a mythical brand: Volkswagen.The...

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A vehicle for 10000$: Style Auto fulfils your dream!

A VEHICLE FOR $10,000: STYLE AUTO FULFILLS YOUR DREAM!Who doesn't wish to have more money in their pockets to buy the vehicle they dream of? To this question, Style Auto of Laval has an answer for you: your dream car doesn't have to cost you that much. We could even say that to pay a lot for a car that is worth its price would be less smart than to buy a used vehicle at...

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A like-new inventory for a fraction of the price!

A LIKE-NEW USED VEHICLE INVENTORY AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE!When shopping for a used car, you want to get the best deal possible, especially in terms of value for the money. To find a reliable used car, you either have to be patient or buy from a reputable dealership like Style Auto. Take advantage of great prices on like-new cars, which are ready to be driven for many years...

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Find your SUV at the best price at Style Auto

FIND YOUR SUV AT THE BEST PRICE AT STYLE AUTO!The sport utility vehicle segment is gaining in popularity, and with good reason: it offers stability, comfort for all and space to carry equipment. However, the well-equipped new SUVs are often expensive, so it may be preferable and wise to purchase a used SUV in this segment. For a reliable used car, trust the car dealership...

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Car loan and it's benifits

CAR LOAN AND ITS BENEFITSFor most people today, financing is still the best way to purchase a new pre-owned vehicle. However, there are different types of loans on the market. The personal loan and the car loan are the two most popular. Find out why the car loan is the most advantageous option for you. In need of a car loan, Style Auto not only has a vast inventory of reliable used cars,...

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