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Winter is coming faster and all Quebec's drivers know what it means: snowy roads, harsh driving conditions and painful months for your car. Are you and your car ready for the winter? Getting prepared is not only switching for your winter tires. Let's review a few simple elements that could ease your winter's driving experience if they are well planned.

The battery

You certainly don't want to hear the scary noise of a car that refuses to start at 5 pm in January (i.e. in the dark) after a long workday and while the thermometer is around minus 20 degrees. Don't fall into the trap of driving with a battery too weak to go through winter. Before changing it, though, invest in a small voltmeter that'll let you know what's what. A good enough battery should indicate at least 12 volts when the engine is shut down and between 13.5 and 15 volts when the car is running.

Windshield wipers, ice scrapers and brushes

Neglecting these insignificant items that don't cost much at the nearest Canadian Tire is a mistake that you'll regret if one or many of them is missing during a snowstorm. Invest the few dozens of dollars required to purchase these products and keep them around.

Engine oil and antifreeze

No need to be a car mechanic to understand the basics of what happens under your hood. When it's cold, your engine needs a less viscous oil. An oil change is the perfect opportunity to request this switch. Don't forget to test the quality of your antifreeze and its ability to effectively protect your engine during chilly times. Since you're already playing under the hood, take a look at the level of all the liquids in your car (if required, ask a professional to do that for you).

The heating system

As "dumb" as it sounds, it's crucial to check if your heating system -- that you probably didn't use for months -- is still working, and to repair it if not. This smart decision will save you the desperation to notice that your heating system is not functional when the temperature will hit two digits below 0!

Most of us have been used to drive in the winter for many years, which doesn't mean that we shouldn't be paying attention to small details that never caused us any trouble in the past. Better be safe than sorry, especially when "sorry" means spending more time than necessary exposed to winter temperatures. Remember that you can take an appointment at the service department at Style Auto for expert advice!

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