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Discover the 5 biggest myths about interviews, with Style Auto in Laval near Montreal.

5 Myths About Car Maintenance


If there is one area on which skimping can cost you a fortune, it’s certainly the maintenance of your vehicle. The problem (if you are not an expert yourself) is that many myths circulate about car maintenance and they are sometimes more appealing than this universal reality: adequate maintenance is essential to the longevity and the good condition of your vehicle. Here are 5 myths repeated by self-proclaimed experts that you should not take seriously.


''This Model'' Doesn’t Need Maintenance

Let's be crystal clear about this: without even entering into the debate of which car models is more reliable than the others, no car can spend several years without maintenance. Yes, your uncle or your father-in-law had ‘‘that’’ model for 20 years and he never had the slightest problem even if he didn’t do any maintenance, but hey: it's probably the same guy who caught a fish of exceptional size but had no camera on him, isn’t it? If you want your car to last, service it at least once a year.

''Check engine'' is Purely Indicative

Given its importance, it is surprising to note how few car drivers seem to care about the famous "check engine". It's not because your car doesn’t start making disturbing sounds as soon as the indicator light appears that you should not take it seriously. If you see this signal on your dashboard, make an appointment with a mechanic immediately.


The More Expensive Gas, the Better

People who think like that exist and they fill their tank with Plus or Super even though their car manufacturer’s recommends Ordinary gasoline (with an octane rating of 87). You don’t know better than the manufacturer what should go in your tank and putting more expensive fuel will have for sole effect to empty your wallet faster.


It’s Essential to Warm Up the Engine

This myth used to have some relevance, but it is no longer the case for modern cars. Running your engine for a few minutes will not prolong its life, nor our ecosystem’s.


Oil Change Every 5,000 kilometers

This is another myth that was once widely held, but whose relevance has been put to bed by the mechanical progress made in recent years. If you have a conventional driving style (and there is no leak in your engine), there is no need to change the oil every 5,000 kilometers. A range of 8,000 to 12,000 kilometers is much more reasonable.

Call our experts at Style Auto in Laval, they will advise you with the right information.


If you have ever heard or applied these myths in the past, don’t be fooled anymore and maintain your vehicle properly! Discover Style Auto dealership used in Laval, visit us for in-house financing service.

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