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Update: May 30, 2022

The world of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) is becoming increasingly competitive when it comes to choosing among the most reliable vehicles in this category. Yet a close look at the pre-owned vehicle market tells us that some SUVs score higher than others and are extremely reliable and durable.

Here are the top 5 most reliable SUVs based on research from a variety of sources, road tests and close examination. Your next vehicle may be one of these!



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First on the list of SUVs is the 2012-2018 Toyota RAV4, which initially received an exemplary rating for its road handling and fuel economy in the class. Even with all-wheel drive, its combined fuel consumption does not exceed the 10 L/100 km.

Moreover, the old V6 engine of the Toyota RAV4 consumes barely more than the 4-cylinder 2013-2018 vehicle. We also buy this pre-owned SUV for:

  • Its handling and flexibility
  • Its spacious interior
  • Its vast storage space
  • Its comfortable seats
  • Its clearly recognized reliability


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When it comes to the compact SUV category, the famous Honda CR-V of 2012-2018 cannot be ignored. With its smooth, fuel-efficient engine, the pre-owned Honda CR-V sits at the top of the list with the Toyota RAV4. It is spacious, comfortable, reliable, durable and robust. In fact, according to Luc-Olivier Chamberland (RPM):

"The interior layout is beyond reproach; there's ample room for all occupants in addition to a huge trunk that's easy to access thanks to a particularly low threshold."

The Honda CR-V is a great value, especially with its innovative safety systems that provide excellent impact protection. With its exemplary handling, its ultra-comfortable seats and its excellent assembly quality, the pre-owned CR-V is an unparalleled choice in the pre-owned SUV market.


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The market for the most reliable SUVs doesn't stop with the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. In this category, the 2013-2018 Mazda CX-5 cannot be overlooked with its sleek, user-friendly look. There's a reason why Auto Guide named it the best compact SUV of 2016-2019!

It excels in the pre-owned market since it is above all pleasant to drive and has a well-equipped interior and nice fit and finish. With its i-Activ 4-wheel drive system, it will keep you out of trouble in rough weather. And because it's stylish, it's an alternative to a luxury SUV.


 s a  vus  occasion 4r u n n e r s

In the used midsize SUV category, the first stop should be the 2012-2018 Toyota 4Runner. It has good on-road handling and is excellent in off-road driving. This is an SUV that has a lot to offer: plenty of room and a spacious cabin with comfortable seats, useful for big adventures.

The Toyota 4Runner is also reliable, rugged and durable. It is undoubtedly a good purchase, mainly because of its engine and extended warranty on several components.


 s a  vus  occasion  highlander

Last but not least is the pre-owned 7-seater (or 8-seater) 2012-2018 Toyota Highlander SUV. This is a hyper-reliable SUV with overall performance that puts it at the top of its class.

With its comfortable ride and spacious, user-friendly interior, the pre-owned Toyota Highlander excels with its:

  • Impressive cargo space
  • Better fuel economy than other SUVs in its class
  • Its ruggedness

There's no doubt that the pre-owned Toyota Highlander will save you a lot of trouble.

Which of these pre-owned models is right for you? To help you figure it out, here's some technical data for a typical 2018 model in each vehicle:








Compact SUV

Midsize SUV

Number of seats


5 to 7

7 or 8

Towing capacity

1,500 lb

2,000 lb

5,000 lb

Cargo space

1,090 -- 2,080 L

1,110 -- 2,146 L

875 -- 1,600 L

1,300 -- 2,500 L

391 -- 2,370 L

If you're looking for a pre-owned SUV for sale in excellent condition, you're in good hands with Style Auto, your car dealership in Laval, near Terrebonne, Saint-Eustache, Boisbriand and just a few minutes from Montréal. A dedicated team awaits you!

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