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Third Chance Financing: Forgiving Auto Financing!

We often hear about second chance financing, but know that third chance funding is, in fact, a real jewel. Third-chance financing, also sometimes called in-house financing, is a self-financing vehicle offered by the dealer at interest rates greatly comparable to second chance financing. It is a means of financing for buyers, regardless of their financial situation. Each individual is unique with a financial situation peculiar to him. Regardless of the latter, one thing is certain: everyone deserves to have his own car.

Here at Style Auto, that's exactly what we want; Benefit all drivers, without exception.

Unlike 2nd chance funding, 3rd chance funding does not limit you to some less desirable ranges of cars. By simply providing a cash advance guarantee, which corresponds to 30 to 40% of the selling price of the chosen automobile, you can choose from all the vehicles of our inventory even the "High-end" car of your dream. With Style Auto, you will have nothing to worry about, because all our cars are rigorously inspected and guaranteed.

As with first and second chance funding, third-chance financing allows you to own the vehicle as soon as you have fully paid all the scheduled payments. As soon as your financial situation or credit allows it, you are free to leave the third chance financing program and take advantage of a financing program at a more advantageous interest rate. After all, third-party financing is an extremely convenient service offered by dealers who think of their customers, such as Style Auto, to help them out in case of need.

As we mentioned, what you have in your portfolio and the status of your credit file is not important. You are given all rights to third-party auto financing. No credit investigation will be conducted, which explains the ease and speed of the approval process. In just 20 minutes, Style Auto allows you to get your credit and leave with your beautiful car. It is precisely for this reason that this means of financing is the solution par excellence.

"What if Mummy or Daddy discovers that I am not even able to pay for my own car? What a shame !" Will you say? In fact, there is absolutely nothing shameful about it. Be aware that 55% of the population has already obtained specialized type credit, such as 2 or 3 chance funding. It is also an excellent way to re-credit. In any case, we always guarantee the confidentiality of our customers. So, your application for funding remains confidential between Style Auto and you!

Although several dealers offer a similar program, it is very important to choose a reputable dealer, which can be trusted like Style Auto. Make sure that all the terms are on the contract to avoid any scam. If the F&I seems to hide you something or does not want to answer all your questions, flee at all costs! At Style Auto, all your questions are welcome; We are just here to inform you. With our many years of experience in vehicle sales and market visibility, you can opt for our third-chance financing program with confidence.

After all, we sympathize with our customers. We understand perfectly how much car-free travel can be painful and being refused for the purchase of a car because of its credit history can be frustrating. At Style Auto, it's all about trust; All applications are approved. We seek above all your satisfaction in order to build a bond of trust, a long-term solid relationship with you. 100% of approved applications, 100% customer satisfaction.

Now that funding is no longer an obstacle, do not wait any longer! Call one of our specialists to see our wide selection of vehicles and test drive.

Posted in on May 17, 2019

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